Corvers horse pellets superior

Corvers horse pellets superior are made of natural soft wood species and don’t contain any additives.

Instruction manual:

  • Spread Corvers horse pellets in a clean stable – coverage between 5 and 8 cm.
  • Lightly spraying with water – only at first use.
  • After a few minutes the surface course will soften to such an extent that it turns into a soft carpet.
  • Manure and wet stains can be easily removed on a daily base.


  • No dust accumulation
  • Ideal for horses with an allergy
  • Low consumption/ cost price = per animal/per month
  • High absorption and neutralises ammonia
  • Quick and efficient stable maintenance
  • Will certainly not be eaten by horses

Delivery:in big bags or bulk

Sales responsible:

Stefan Vervoort
GSM: +32(0)470/ 10 11 12